Discover "Somehow I'm Humble" by Davis Latham

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Davis Latham in his autobiography, "Somehow I'm Humble." As the CEO of the War Machine Foundation, Davis shares his life's remarkable tale, revealing how he navigated a path marked by significant achievements, daunting challenges, and an unwavering commitment to staying grounded.


“One of the best books I’ve ever read. It will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, but most of all, it’ll inspire you to have the same level of passion and energy that Davis brings to life. This isn’t just a story about a great leader or a great businessman, but a great person. Everyone knows the name Davis Latham. Now they can know his story.”

-JD Jacobus, WMF Executive Director, GreenBay Packers Owner, Atlanta Braves Owner 

“"Somehow I'm Humble" by Davis Latham is a hidden gem that unveils the arduous journey of the author towards achieving remarkable success. Few were aware of the challenges Davis faced to attain his high level of accomplishment, but this book ensures that his story will leave an indelible mark on readers. It proudly stands among literary classics like "The Odyssey" and "The Art of War," yet its accessibility mirrors that of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. Personally, this book has been a life-changing experience, offering invaluable lessons and inspiration. Highly recommended for those seeking both wisdom and a captivating read.”

- Babba Philpor, Self Made Entrepreneur and Angel Investor - Open to Work.